Clean and green solar thermal systems

Our Aquatec engineers are qualified to install and service solar thermal systems: an ecologically-friendly and cost effective way to create hot water for use around the home.

We can also help you save this harnessed energy to use whenever you need it through the installation of a thermal store.

Solar thermal is not to be confused with Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic), solar panels which generate electricity alone. Solar thermal is more versatile, producing thermal energy for a range of uses.

Still unsure as to whether a solar thermal system is right for your home? Our experienced engineers can talk you through the technology and installation process as well as your available options.

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Enjoy the benefits of solar thermal systems

Save money icon

Save money

The only thing you’ll pay for is installation, the rest is free

Hot water all year round icon

Hot water all year round

A solar thermal system is always ‘on’ and working to boost your domestic hot water needs whether cloudy or clear

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Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s a clean, green and renewable energy system which can help reduce your emissions

Solar Thermal FAQS

  • Panels installed on the roof of your property absorb energy from the sun
  • This energy is used to heat water stored in a cylinder inside your home
  • During colder months, a boiler or immersion heater can be used as a back up to boost the water temperature if required

Here are some things to consider:

  • Which way is your home is facing? Does it receive maximum exposure to direct sunlight? Ideally, for solar panels to be cost efficient, they must be facing anywhere between south east and south west.
  • How much of your solar hot water can be used in the home? For instance, electric showers and cold filled washing machines heat their own water supplies so would not benefit from a solar thermal system.

It is possible to manage energy harnessed from solar panels - or any other heating system in your home - by installing a thermal store. This allows you to utilise any excess heat as and when you need it.

In summer for example, solar panels may generate far more hot water than is required for that day. By using a thermal store, this energy can be saved and used when required, taking precedence over other available heat sources.

Our experienced engineers will be happy to assess your current setup and help you choose a system that best meets your needs.