Reap the benefits of using solid fuel

From log burners in the lounge with an adjoining back boiler to freestanding cooker stoves, there are many ways our HETAS accredited engineers can help you maximise your heating system using solid fuel.

We install both wet and dry solid fuel systems in addition to biomass boilers.

Our experienced engineers can also help enhance your solid fuel heating system by installing a thermal store, enabling you to use excess energy as and when required.

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Choose solid fuel for contemporary living

Instant warmth icon

Instant warmth

Transform your living space with an attractive focal point and heat on demand

Reliable heat source icon

Reliable heat source

Solid fuel is readily available to store and use at your convenience

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Heat and eat

Use a multi fuel or wood burning range to cook your meals and heat your home

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Enhance your system

Add a water jacket or back boiler to your wood burning stove for hot water and central heating

Solid Fuel FAQS

A dry solid fuel system, such as a wood burning stove or cooker stove, is used to heat one room only. It does not have an adjoining boiler to heat water for use in the home or to feed a central heating system.

A wet solid fuel system is one which uses a back boiler or water jacket to heat water for use in the home, in addition to radiators and thermal stores.

For example, a wood burner can be fitted with a water-filled cavity (a water jacket). When heated, this water can be used around the home or for central heating.

Yes. This will enhance or can replace your existing heating system, using energy from your open coal fire.

Biomass boilers are the renewable equivalent of conventional oil and gas boilers, allowing you to heat water, radiators and underfloor heating systems. They can be installed in any domestic setting but are particularly suited to homes situated off the gas grid.

Their benefits include:

  • Low carbon
  • Reliable
  • Built to last
  • High performing
  • Suit large homes where there is plenty of heat demand

This technology allows you to store and utilise any excess energy - created by a back boiler, conventional boiler, biomass boiler or solar thermal system - as and when you need it.

Heat radiators, water and underfloor heating using energy that has been ‘dumped’ into the thermal store, taking precedence over other available heat sources.