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Our Polypipe approved engineers can install, service and cleanse wet underfloor heating systems in any type of home, during the building process or as a retrofit product, to whole floors or just one room.

This highly efficient ‘trickle heat’ underfloor heating system takes very little energy from your boiler but produces as much warmth as conventional panel radiators.

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Enjoy the benefits of underfloor heating

Low running costs icon

Low running costs

Costs less to run than conventional heating systems

Highly Efficient icon

Highly efficient

Runs at low and constant temperatures for consistent comfort

Frees up space icon

Frees up space

No need for radiators on the wall so you can use your room flexibly

Ideal for modern living icon

Ideal for modern living

Perfectly suited to open plan homes, getting the most out of your space

Underfloor Heating FAQS

Wet underfloor heating systems, such as those installed by Aquatec, pump warm water from your property’s main heat source (such as a boiler) through tubing laid out beneath the floor.

It is very easy to control. It is now possible to isolate different rooms and floors with individually set temperatures.

As a retrofit installation, underfloor heating will add 18mm to your floor.

This all depends on your property and existing floor. Each job is different so we can only offer a best estimate once we have assessed your home.